New Launch & Events

New Launch

Conveyor Pizza Oven

AKASA now launches INDIA's First CONVEYOR PIZZA OVEN. It provides a simple foolproof operation with product quality that is consistent and guaranteed. It minimizes waste and maximizes labor saving. Conveyor Pizza Ovens produce a large amount of pizzas at a very fast rate. The conveyor belt in the oven allows a pizza to be cooked for as long or as short a time as necessary. Conveyor belt speeds and temperatures are adjustable for consistent cooking of a high volume of similar products. This capability allows for the maker to monitor cooking speed and to modify pizzas to their customer's preference.Provides easy 4 in 1 operation. It Toasts – foccacias, melts ; Roasts – vegetables & marinades; Grills – meats, chicken & fish; Bakes – breads, pastries, savories, biscuits & pies. Conveyor ovens move food along a conveyor belt from one side opening, through the oven, and out the other side.ovens use heating elements located above and below the conveyor belts. Conveyor belts are made of wire chains, allowing excellent heat circulation around food items. The top and the bottom elements has variable temperature control. This means you can specify a certain level of heat to the top of your product, and a different level to the bottom. The unique feature of the top and bottom elements is of enormous advantage in cooking moist products such as pizza, where the thin moist toppings require a totally different heat application to the fresh dough base.

Simply, perfectly, every's foolproof.

Labour saving - with set and forget operation.

Cost saving - with no or low waste.

High turnover in restaurant personnel continues to be a major challenge in most restaurant businesses and makes training a particularly difficult problem.Restaurateurs found that by pre-setting time and temperature functions, conveyors produce consistent bake results. This consistency also provides standardization of product taste and appearance so important to chain operations.

Waffle Iron

The fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect waffles will delight the most discerning palates from children to adults. It is the user-friendly and space-friendly device for the small restaurants and eating joints. It is the perfect model of all makers and has the ability to deliver yummy waffles in very less time. The heavy die-casted plates spread heat evenly resulting uniformly cooked golden & crispy waffles. Stainless Steel finish gives an elegant look to the product. Temperature is controlled by German capillary thermostat for better sensing & accuracy.

Conveyor Toaster

First Conveyor Toaster with Indian - make. Conveyor toasters are designed to make many slices of toast and are generally used in the catering industry, being suitable for large-scale use. With 150-200 slices per hour, making conveyor toasters ideal for a self serve buffets & large restaurant that is constantly busy with growing demand. Conveyor toasters are ideal for caterers needing to serve large quantities of toasted bread, crumpets etc, with a minimum of fuss and preparation time giving perfect food product everytime. It has top & bottom heaters which enable uniform toasting on both sides of bread. The browning of bread can be controlled as per our requirement. Easy-to-load rack with front & rear discharge of toasts. It has steel outer body giving sturdy & compact look.

Stone Oven

AKASA - known very well for its innovation & creativity has launched a new pizza stone oven. The idea behind a pizza stone is to distribute heat evenly across the pizza base & other baked items to make it more crisp & tempting. The porous nature of the stone used to extract the moisture & make it more & more crispier. Stone holds the heat for a long time therefore very energy saving. Less of electricity is consumed. Elegant, compact with fine exterior steel finish, thermostatically controlled for better efficiency & accuracy. Special imported device incorporated for safety of the product. Ideal for pizzas, garlic bread, cooking meat, fish or toasting the surface of lasagna

Waffle Cone Maker

AKASA launching its new waffle cone maker is elegantly designed. Waffle cone being the most popular waffles to hold a few scoops of ice-cream, one can't resist the aroma of fresh baked cones. It makes tasty & crispy waffle cones in just few minutes. The cone maker plates has Teflon coating for facilitating easy removal of cones. Temperature is controlled by German capillary thermostat for better sensing & accuracy.